Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Magnetic Separator Market for Mining Industry - Global Industry Analysis and Forecast 2014 – 2020

The global mining industries are gaining importance due to the rising demand for advanced goods and appliances in industrial, commercial, and residential sectors. Magnetic separator is a device used in mining industries to separate out the impurities from the valuable mineral particles. Such minerals are further treated to be made usable in manufacturing of other commodities and devices. Hence, the success of a mining industry is integral to the development of magnetic separator market.
A magnetic separator works on the principal of degrees of attraction between the magnetic particles and the magnet. Such device works by attracting the ferrous minerals or impurities whichever it may be. The extracted and treated minerals when undergoing magnetic separation process are placed on a moving conveyor belt in an electromagnetic field. The ferrous particles are strongly attracted to the magnet and get separated out from the mixture of minerals and impurities. There may be particles that may repel or show no reaction to such magnetic force. Such particles fall off the conveyor belt and are collected in separate collectors.
The growth of magnetic separator market is dependent upon the progress of the mining industries. With increasing industrialization and urbanization worldwide the mining industries are experiencing an evolution as a result of growing need for mined minerals especially by construction and manufacturing industries. In addition the rising commodity prices may result in growth of the mining industries and further result in magnetic separator market evolvement. The upcoming advanced magnetic separators with added functionalities such as energy saving, automatic cooling of electromagnets, increased purification capacity tend to minimize their maintenance and repair costs. The factor hindering the growth of magnetic separator market is the expensive research and development activities involved in such technology.
The Asia Pacific region is expected to be the largest market for magnetic separators. Mainly, India and China with their expanding manufacturing bases are increasingly demanding for high quality mined minerals for their manufacturing sectors. Further increasing radioactive mining activity in such nations is assumed to contribute in progression of magnetic separator market. The magnetic separator market is estimated to show high growth in North America rapid development of automotive and renewable industries which demand the use of superior tools and devices in their operations. Europe being gradually recovering from its ongoing economic downturn is likely to be cautious in its investments in such market. Hence, magnetic separator market is probable to experience a gradual development.
The magnetic separator market is segmented on the type of magnets used in magnetic separating equipments. Different magnets produce different degree of magnetic flux power. The various types of magnets include electro magnets, permanent magnets, and self cleaning magnets. Electro magnets are preferred in removal process of large ferrous pieces from the mineral gangue mixtures. Permanent magnets are used to separate out the tramp ferrous particles from the mineral ore. After the collection of such particles in the magnet, non metallic stainless steel is employed to remove them off the magnets. Self cleaning magnets are based on the combined technologies of both electro magnets and permanent magnets. Such magnets are capable of automatically removing and separating the magnetic and non magnetic particles from the mineral ore.
Some of the key players in the magnetic separator market for mining industry are Henan Caesar Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd., GIAMAG Technologies AS, Eriez Manufacturing Co., and STEINERT Elektromagnetbau GmbH.

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