Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Global Report on Energy Efficient Windows Market - Industry Outlook and Forecast 2013 – 2019

After the global economic meltdown of 2008-2009, the global energy efficient windows market was affected greatly. However, with the recovery of American and European economies, the market is coming out of its slump. Growing population and the flourishing real estate market in turn are contributing to the growth of the energy efficient windows market. Currently, Europe has the highest number of installations of energy efficient insulated windows, followed by North America. However, Asia Pacific is not far behind. The boom in the construction industry along with the growing population of the Asia Pacific region holds good promise for the growth of the energy efficient windows market in this region in the coming years. An in-depth geography-wise evaluation of the energy efficient market is included in the report.
The Efficient Windows Collaborative (EWC) has set a standard in the North American markets. EWC is a coalition that includes: Door, skylight, window, and component manufacturers, research organizations, state and local government agencies, federal and others, interested in growing the market for highly energy efficient fenestration. EWC aims to increase market penetration of energy efficient windows technology and promotes the labeling of NFRC and ENERGY STAR as a standard practice.
In addition to geographic segmentation of the energy efficient windows market, the report provides current market trends of market. Crucial aspects of the energy efficient windows market such as market structure, competitor analysis, and market projections for upcoming years are available in the report.
Overview of the energy efficient windows market
Energy efficient windows are manufactured using the process of insulated or double glazing. They are generally made using two or more panes that are separated by a particular gas mixture. These windows are employed to insulate building against extreme heat transfer across the overall building, which efficiently supports the required heating or cooling. The space between the glass panes is called the ‘spacer’; it performs the role of separating the two panes of the glass and sealing the gas between them.
The primary driver of the energy efficient windows industry is increasing energy conservation norms, which are being imposed worldwide. Increasing population and correspondingly increasing construction activities are other elements fueling the growth of this market. In addition, customization is a good feature which these windows offer. Energy efficient windows are available according to the different insulation needs of the consumer, and can be made to order.
Energy efficient windows are also available in several frame types including composite frames, aluminum/metal frames, fiberglass frames, wood frames, and vinyl frames. The market of energy efficient windows can also be segmented on the type of glazing applied to the glass. Some of the main glazing types are heat-absorbing tints, gas-fills, reflective coatings, low-emissivity coatings, and spectrally selective coatings.
Companies mentioned in the research report
Many prominent players around the world in the energy efficient windows market have been covered in this report. Some of the companies profiled in this report include Andersen Windows, AMSCO Windows, Associated Materials, Crestline Windows and Doors, and Atrium Windows.

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