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Global Surgical Incision Closure Market - Industry Segment, Trends and Forecast, 2013 – 2019

Effective closure of surgical incisions plays a crucial role in post-surgical process to regain normal anatomical functions and maintain the integrity of tissues. Thus, the primary objective of surgical incision closure devices is to stop bleeding i.e. hemostasis and to close or seal the wound both externally and internally. Failure to close surgical incisions effectively can lead to severe medical complications such as infection and scarring. The commonly involved technique in conventional surgical incision closure is the use of surgical sutures for stitching together the incised skin edges. But modern methods introduced are more advanced and convenient; to mention some of the advanced methods - use of adhesives, hemostats, medical staples and sealants.
The commonly used surgical incision closure products include:
  • Surgical sutures
  • Absorbable
  • Non-absorbable
  • Hemostats
  • Collagen based
  • Oxidized regenerated cellulose based
  • Thrombin based
  • Ligating clips
  • Medical staples
  • Tissue sealants
  • External
  • Internal
Technologically advanced surgical incision closure devices, for instance, tissue sealants, hemostats and similar other devices play an important role in driving the market due to benefits offered such as fewer traumas, reduced risk of infections, better cosmetic outcomes and reduced recovery time. Also, there are many surgical incision closure products in the pipeline that are exploring usage of alternative materials, for example, titanium suture needles to replace medical grade stainless steel needles used for suturing among others; thus high investment in R&D is likely to lead the development and supply of newer, effective surgical incision closure products. This in turn is likely to drive the demand for surgical incision closure products in the future. However, the growth of such devices could be hindered in the future due to rise in preference for minimally invasive surgical procedures among patients.
North America followed by Europe are expected to be the largest markets owing to a high consumer base of aesthetic surgeries, knee replacement surgeries, hip replacement surgeries and spinal fusions. Asia-Pacific is estimated to register a remarkable growth because of few notable reasons such as improvements in healthcare infrastructure, increased access to healthcare services, establishment of new hospitals and diagnostic centers and rising spends in the healthcare segment.
Few of the leading companies involved in the development, manufacturing and distribution of surgical incision closure devices are 3M HealthCare, Axya Medical, Inc., Baxter International Inc., BTG International, Inc., Covidien Ltd., CryoLife, Inc., Ethicon Inc., Genzyme Biosurgery, Inc, Henkel Loctite Corporation/Henkel Group, Smith & Nephew PLC, Tyco Healthcare/Tyco International among others.
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